smartangel® - The pension of the future...

In case of accidents or emergencies, speed, the right information on site, as well as optimal communication of all involved persons and organizations often decide about the course or the consequences of the incident.

smartangel® was initiated after a personal tragic incident in order to prevent similar situations for other affected persons and to reduce the possible consequences and costs.

What does smartangel® mean for the user or patient?

Internally, we affectionately call our little watches the "guardian angels on your wrist. And that's exactly what they do: they watch over and protect their respective wearers - around the clock, reliably and, above all, preventively.

This is because the system recognizes at an early stage, e.g. in the case of fever or critical pulse or blood pressure values, that the health parameters have changed and sounds the alarm. If the patient becomes unresponsive, smartangel® immediately alerts all individually authorized contacts and the WeCare emergency call center, which then coordinates all necessary measures.

The integrated GPS trackers and an intercom function provide information about the current location and also allow direct communication with the person at risk.

smartangel® allows its users to move freely and carefree everywhere without constantly living with the fear of a health incident.

How does smartangel® benefit the relatives or caregivers?

Our system is based on several active and passive components for the earliest possible detection of hazardous situations that can protect health and life in an emergency:

  • The digital smartwatches as 24/7 status and alarm indicators
  • A web-based health and emergency portal with a wide range of setting and diagnostic options in combination with the smartangel® app
  • The round-the-clock WeCare Center for fast and efficient advice and coordination in emergencies

smartangel® thus offers relatives, caregivers, physicians or care organizations an optimal opportunity for active and passive support of persons via remote diagnosis at any time.

Medical Notice:

smartangel® Uhren sind keine medizinischen Geräte und die von ihnen bereitgestellten Daten sind nicht für medizinische Zwecke vorgesehen. Sie ersetzen keine Messungen oder Diagnosen durch medizinisch geschultes Fachpersonal, respektive einen Arztbesuch.  

Our ANG'is - The clever guardian angels on the wrist

Our smartangel® Watches are not only extremely versatile and precise, but also look stunning by the way. Whether sporty chic or robust and practical, we have something for every taste. Just choose your favorite:

Our Practical: Robust, durable and easy to use. The fully automatic emergency system on the wrist with convincing 4G, heart, fever and blood pressure measurement, storable emergency contacts, useful HD voice functions with SOS intercom, unlimited phone calls and numerous other features.

The Sporty: Smart, practical, multifunctional and in 4 cheeky colors. The extensively equipped smartwatch has, in addition to numerous emergency functions, a high-resolution touch screen with large font and useful voice and photo functions, an internal phone book including unlimited phone calls