Monika Meier
- 67 years -
Safe since
June '22

We Care. We take care of you. At any time and in any situation - even if you can no longer do it.

Conventional emergency and home emergency call systems rely on the person concerned having to actively signal an emergency. Bracelets, smartwatches or brooches with emergency call buttons are used for this purpose. However, if a person is no longer able to press this emergency button in the event of a collapse, stroke, heart attack or similar incident, all these systems fail worldwide - both at home and in monitored facilities.

And this is precisely where smartangel® comes into play. It monitors vital signs, automatically reacts to changes in health and alerts relatives, doctors or caregivers - promptly and directly.​ In case of an emergency, you no longer need to do anything.
We will recognise and​ respond to the emergency situation, ​often before you even see it coming. ​

We Care. Five good reasons that can save lives...

  • Relatives, doctors or caregivers are informed of health changes at an early stage so that they can react actively and in a targeted manner.
  • With smartangel® you can stay at home longer, return home earlier from hospital or rehab stays and live with more security in everyday life.
  • The intercom function allows direct communication with the user in an emergency without them needing to take any action.
  • Rescue forces are informed promptly with all important data on the person, so that fast and targeted local care is guaranteed.
  • Important information, values, alarms, etc. can be called up at any time and freely via mobile phone, tablet or PC using the smartangel® portal.

What makes smartangel® so unique?

We Care. We know in advance of a critical situation that something is wrong and react to it.

smartangel® works extremely reliably and warns of possible health problems at an early stage. But even our system cannot always sound the alarm in time. If a medical emergency should nevertheless occur, the following would happen:

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